Cardiff + Glam!

After the gig Laura rejoined us. Thanks to her and her connects Rhys and Jordan we snagged VIP at Glam. Such a fun time seeing Danny DJ, and even better having 2 best friends from separate backgrounds meet and hang out. Loved every minute!

That feeling

There really is no better feeling than walking into an Arena to see the stage that our favourite band are gonna rock for the next 90 minutes. And to have a best friend that shares this feeling is something so beautiful.


Now now! This was never going to be a Mcfly concert. It was never going to be Busted reborn. So what was it? A party celebrating Busted’s career promoted by Mcfly? We had fun. But there was no emotion, no sentiment. But what a great excuse to get together in a strange city, with Miss Keynes!

Mcfly Secrets

All this McBusted stuff’s got me a little nostalgic.  I’m no one to stand up and say I’m a bigger Mcfly fan than you- I’ve kinda faded out over the years and just go to a tour a year, BUT… I remember back in 2006 when I used to refresh Mcfly secrets [on livejournal] every sunday afternoon just to see who the girls had posted about, always laugh that they…


YO!!! My best pal just so happens to be getting back from the otherside of the world tomorrow. AND Next week we’re going to Cardiff to see my other best pal Laura…. We also happen to be seeing a little McBusted. ANYONE that has known me since 2003/4 and took the absolute piss out of me at school. WELL… I’m 23 and more excited than I was back then. Only…