Tumblr Transition

  So I’m currently on the move from ‘Tumblr Scrapbook’ to ‘Real Blog’ I’ve decided to keep my previous posts, even though most of them are pointless waffle, or maybe slightly irrelevant now. I hope to improve my style of posting in order to share my life experiences, lifestyle interests & inspiration with more of you.   UPDATE: Anything Below here was a direct import from either Tumblr or WordPress.com…

Laura hits London

Laura had to mooch over to get her NIE for working in Ibiza. So around 1pm we headed to the Spanish Consulate. With her forms pre printed and filled we were in and out within half an hour. Perfect sunny day walking back through Chelsea.

Pitt Cue

So on Bank Holiday Monday, Alex and I ventured up town for a schmooze around the shops finishing up with some Dark Liquor and Pork. Hidden around the back, at the top end of Carnaby Street is this tiny little treasure, that’s crammed together with a limited menu. The cocktails were fab and the burger was even better. Try the bone marrow mash. Amazing!

Mcfly Secrets

All this McBusted stuff’s got me a little nostalgic.  I’m no one to stand up and say I’m a bigger Mcfly fan than you- I’ve kinda faded out over the years and just go to a tour a year, BUT… I remember back in 2006 when I used to refresh Mcfly secrets [on livejournal] every sunday afternoon just to see who the girls had posted about, always laugh that they…