Music feeds my mind and soul. Any type. I’m always interested to see what’s selling. Living in New York my inner Hip Hop sister ventured out for a while. My love for Jay Z and anything ROC is bigger than yours. And House Music. Its not a competition, of who’s listening to the freshest DJ. Listen to what YOU like. Let it affect your body & DANCE!!
I have plenty of opinions and recommendations. As well as lots of up and coming DJ friends. Open your mind, there’s more out there than what’s being played on the radio.

Britney at the MEN Arena

Went to see Britney on Sunday.  She might not have sung live, but she strutted about and made up for it with her dancing! It was so fun singing and dancing to all her classic pop songs turned up loud in a room full of other Britney fans. I’m so glad she’s made a comeback after her breakdown. Thank you to Danny that does her Pyro for the tickets.

Katy B at Shepherd’s Bush

I bought Katie B tickets to see Katy B for her birthday as we love her tunes. We went last night and she was great. I love going to smaller gigs at Shepherd’s Bush it’s such an intimate and casual venue. Kate also introduced me to an app called Instagram. I always wonder why her photos look so good and she gave me her secret. She puts them in instagram…