Music feeds my mind and soul. Any type. I’m always interested to see what’s selling. Living in New York my inner Hip Hop sister ventured out for a while. My love for Jay Z and anything ROC is bigger than yours. And House Music. Its not a competition, of who’s listening to the freshest DJ. Listen to what YOU like. Let it affect your body & DANCE!!
I have plenty of opinions and recommendations. As well as lots of up and coming DJ friends. Open your mind, there’s more out there than what’s being played on the radio.


Dan’s on tour with the Killers at the mo, so I took Sam up to Birmingham to see them last night – AMAZING Live.  And here’s a snap of the guys with Dan’s handywork behind!

Philly: Made in America

As I was in New York Labor Day weekend and my friend Jonelle was back home visiting Philadelphia, she invited me down to check out her hometown. Jay Z was putting on a two day festival and we were invited!! I took a Greyhound for $12 2 hours south of New York and spent 3 days enjoying Philadelphia with a local it was so fun. When I arrived we went…