Music feeds my mind and soul. Any type. I’m always interested to see what’s selling. Living in New York my inner Hip Hop sister ventured out for a while. My love for Jay Z and anything ROC is bigger than yours. And House Music. Its not a competition, of who’s listening to the freshest DJ. Listen to what YOU like. Let it affect your body & DANCE!!
I have plenty of opinions and recommendations. As well as lots of up and coming DJ friends. Open your mind, there’s more out there than what’s being played on the radio.

Glimmer of Sunshine?

    Fresh out of Manchester in support of my best pal Drew Moreland‘s new mix, naturally I wanted to share…Summer prep at it’s finest. Catch him playing EVERY FRIDAY at his very own night Haus of Bump at Viva! in San An Ibiza.

Justin Timberlake: Madison Square Garden

Seeing Justin Timberlake at Madison Square Garden changed my life. No exaggerations – The 2020 Experience was out of this world! Ariel and I were lucky enough to score some last minute tickets, and it was SO worth it. He played all of the favourites, plus the majority of BOTH 20/20 CDs! He sang, danced, played the piano & guitar, rode out into the audience and drank tequila! What a…

Back to Philadelphia for Jay Z MCWT

This is the second time I’ve been in the US whilst Jonelle has visited her hometown of Philadelphia and Jay Z has been performing! I met J at her friends house just over the George Washington Bridge in Jersey and her father gave us a ride down to Philadelphia. We stayed at Jonelle’s grandma’s house again. Literally dropped our stuff, got ready and headed out to the Wells Fargo Center…

Drew Moreland: Egg New Year’s Day

  Dead on my feet, as 6am came around, my pal Drew from Ibiza hit the decks at Egg! Way to keep it going come 7 me & Kirst were DONE! You can follow Drew on twitter here and be sure to know he’ll hit you with all the freshest beats months before anyone else will tell you they’re hot..