Mcfly are a band that have changed my life. They’ve bought friendships closer and pulled me through hard times. I guess its hard to relate too unless you have a similar connection to something that has an emotional impact on your life. These 4 guys certainly have. Say what you will, but they write and play all of their own music. Live.


YO!!! My best pal just so happens to be getting back from the otherside of the world tomorrow. AND Next week we’re going to Cardiff to see my other best pal Laura…. We also happen to be seeing a little McBusted. ANYONE that has known me since 2003/4 and took the absolute piss out of me at school. WELL… I’m 23 and more excited than I was back then. Only…

Mum called me from the UK when McBusted were on the Jonathan Ross show. I love her. Live from London in New York over FaceTime. That’s a dedicated McMum for me!


All my oldest friends know about my love for Mcfly, how they’ve bought crazy bonds with amazing friends and emotionally changed my life. The even older ones, remember when I was 13 and loved a band called Busted. Seeing them come together on stage at Mcfly’s 10 year gig at the RAH was Life-Changing! Smart & genuinely talented guys have got exactly what they deserve a SOLD OUT tour in less than…

This picture captures everything. Their originality, their sense of humour and their talent to produce such a fantastic show, full of songs written and performed by themselves. I present Mcfly. The greatest band on earth. 23rd April. Reading Hexagon