Filed here are all my old posts from when I was at university in Manchester. Slowly it gets updated with round ups from my visits back and what’s changed since I lived in Britain’s 2nd most exciting city.

Shooting in Albania and Kosovo

I’ve just got back from 4 weeks travelling through Europe. I helped co-ordinate a feature film production with Left Eye Blind then ran on set for them on location. It was tough and intense but gave me a real insight to what it’d be like working full time on films. 12 of us drove in a convoy through France and Switzerland, then all the way down the Northern coast of…

Uni Life

So I’m a year into my degree. This is what we do!! We split our time between Bolton University campus and SSR in Manchester. We make short films and music videos in groups each week – it’s so fun. We’re currently putting some motion graphics over this lovely lady singing in front of green screen for our after effects module.