Whether it be live events, football matches, clubs or even just a little sight seeing – Here are my homelife social escapades!

Emirates Stadium for Coldplay

I got a sneaky last minute ticket to Coldplay tonight at the Emirates Stadium. This meant I had to get the train down and back up to Manchester within 24hours but it was so worth it. We were all given light up wristbands that flashed in time to the music. It was so cool, there was such an amazing atmosphere!

New Car + Surrey Sunshine

Stole Sam’s car today to go to the fiat garage, oh and his raybans! Loving the 10am sunshine in the Surrey suburbs. Ended our trip to Epsom buying a little Fiat 500. I’ve loved them since our trip to Sicily. The old vs new style were on the cover of Top Gear magazine and I fell in love. I just have to wait for it to be configured and dispatched…