The Trip to Space I’d waited 12 months For!

So everyone and their pals know Enter is hands down my favourite night on the Island. I fell in love 2 years ago when it was Enter: Kehakuma after seeing Nick Curly play on the terrace. Last year I had to skip out on Luciano and Richie Hawtin b2b as I was feeling a little worse for wear from Ushuaia before… I was not going to let the same thing…

The Beginning of the End

Now Shit Party has been and gone we can really feel the end of the season looming. Even though there’s all of September I’ve decided to leave on the 13th and head out to New York for the winter. This means it’s time for more trips to the beach, more fun at the pool and to make sure we’re all making an effort to see the sunset at Mambos. We…

Shit Party 2013

The best part about getting over the hump is the Shit Party at the end of it! The middle lul of moaning is over… and it’s the perfect excuse to dress up, get messy and dance to our pals djing. Here are some of my Shit Party highlights!!

Fatboy Slim at Space

With a rare night off together Sam and I decided to head down to We Love Space because Fatboy Slim was headlining. The guy is an absolute legend and had the entire main room rocking. Amazing! I also stumbled upon my good friend Katie upstairs, which was LOVELY. And the evening ended cheekily with Sam and I in the booth dancing alongside 2manydjs.

Radio 1 Weekend

The anticipation in work for where the wristbands were being given out was AWFUL. Radio 1’s event at Ushuaia was on Kirsty’s actual 21st Birthday too, so it wasn’t even an option for us. We were all going! After a quick jog down to Bay Bar straight from work, we snapped up the bands and went back for a nap, collected our wages and then were on our waaaay to…