I’m not really into the whole snapping photos with a flash whilst people are trying to enjoy their meals. However I love to eat out in the City and have been to some pretty nice places. I try not to necessarily ‘review’ But I will point out the good, the bad and the definitely worth going back too!

Tumblr Transition

  So I’m currently on the move from ‘Tumblr Scrapbook’ to ‘Real Blog’ I’ve decided to keep my previous posts, even though most of them are pointless waffle, or maybe slightly irrelevant now. I hope to improve my style of posting in order to share my life experiences, lifestyle interests & inspiration with more of you.   UPDATE: Anything Below here was a direct import from either Tumblr or…

Pitt Cue

So on Bank Holiday Monday, Alex and I ventured up town for a schmooze around the shops finishing up with some Dark Liquor and Pork. Hidden around the back, at the top end of Carnaby Street is this tiny little treasure, that’s crammed together with a limited menu. The cocktails were fab and the burger was even better. Try the bone marrow mash. Amazing!

Shard & Burger and Lobster

Gearing up to leave London for another couple of months, Jonelle and I wanted to cement our end of Jan Philadelphia plans somewhere classy, sophisticated and ‘London’. We decided to meet for drinks at The Shard in the bar on the 31st floor ‘Aqua Shard’ and then go onto dinner at ‘Burger & Lobster’. The Shard was a great meeting point as it’s just 1 escalator down from the platform…