Roxie | Fulham

My dad was after Steak dinner on his birthday and a colleague of mine had mentioned a place nice and close to work that he’d eaten in recently. One that had great value, delicious fillet steak. I managed to convince the family to come and meet me at 7:30pm and we decided to check it out! 

Roxie are a South African team that wanted to provide Londoners with decent affordable steak. They source from Smithfield market & now have 4 south west London locations!

The menu has all the classics and even offers surf and turf for under £20!

Roxie MenuWe all had fillet steak with various sides and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The service was great. We requested fried onions and they just added them on as another side, wasn’t a problem at all.

Roxie Steak

Beware that even though the food is reasonable you’ll be stung with a good red wine & the desserts – we had creme brulee!
I did leave on an after thought not to be fooled by the ‘affordable steak night out’ as it all evens out in the end!!

Find your nearest location here.