Shopping in Rome

Amongst ALL THE SIGHTSEEING we did manage to Shop!

Heading towards the Spanish steps we stumbled across Sephora. I was delighted. We all know how a feel about a European Sephora right?!

sephora tweet

But after my recent trip to Miami I didn’t REALLY need anything until I saw this amazing bronzer!! The design sucked me in and bam there it was in my bag. OOPS.

spehora bronzer

I then proceeded to ‘accidentally’ purchase a backpack from Longchamp and a wallet from Prada. But only because the stores were so gorgeous I just couldn’t leave empty handed!

Look at this view of the Spanish Steps from Prada!

spanish steps from prada


rome stores

All the good shops are on one street ‘Via del Corso’, you know Oxford Street/ 5th Ave style. All the Luxury Designers are at the bottom of the Spanish Steps and you can stumble across them all whilst seeing the sights.