Manicure Monday: January Blues

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 22.10.55

In typical New Year, post Christmas depression I went for a January Blues theme this week and ordered Bluesky’s gel polish in ‘Blue Rapture’.

I rarely stray from the gel polish these days, I’m so impressed with the staying power of the Bluesky brand and it’s great value.

The shade I was looking for was a dull powdery blue, with grey undertones, to pretty much reflect my mood after the festive season! It actually came out with more of a touch of Ocean but I was okay with that..


As usual I’ve jazzed it up with a little accent bow sticker. I had to incorporate some fun girliness somewhere!

You can get the Bluesky polish here & I found the stickers on eBay.

Happy 1st Manicure of 2015!

  • Really glad to see the Bluesky brand is making a good impression!
    Bluesky UK World