The Big decision

In my current ‘unemployed’ state home from New York, I was in the position to head straight on out to Ibiza for a 2nd season. Suitcase packed, essentials bought, somehow I just couldn’t book the flight.

In my head I was already back behind the bar in Revs with the girls, partying every night, and sunbathing in the day. But my heart told me to stay. I realised that as long as I can find a job that’s flexible for me to sneak out every now and then for a couple days, I’m really not going to miss out. I’ve missed being home so much, that I want to actually settle here, and make a life for myself.

So what I’ve decided? I’ll visit as and when I can, documenting my trips, highlighting all the bits I missed last year because I was having too much fun and in the mean time have to put up with things like THIS vvv being posted on my facebook!

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 18.58.45