Mcfly Secrets

All this McBusted stuff’s got me a little nostalgic. 

I’m no one to stand up and say I’m a bigger Mcfly fan than you- I’ve kinda faded out over the years and just go to a tour a year, BUT… I remember back in 2006 when I used to refresh Mcfly secrets [on livejournal] every sunday afternoon just to see who the girls had posted about, always laugh that they were fat or uglier than me [knowing I’d seen them the week before at a signing or a tv appearance] BUT thank GOD it wasn’t me they’d drawn all over on paint. I know it was all harmless fun. This was back in the day of Myspace. Before twitter. When we had to work out between us where they were gonna be and it was all a little adventure. 

And to the mods of Mcfly Secrets – Thanks for making monday gossip with my best Mcfly pal an absolute dream when we were 15!!