What a wonderful time to be in New York! Cat escaped home for a couple weeks and I have my trip to Canada looming, but Kim and Carl my friends from Ibiza were visiting and we had a lovely Thankgiving dinner booked.

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To make the day even better, Miss Brockhurst had also arrived – so I spent the morning with her (and friends) watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade that Macy’s put on.

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I then went onto dinner with Kim and Carl at the Glasshouse Tavern just off of Time’s Square.

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The day was jam pack with sight seeing, spending time with my friends from home and eating a yummy turkey dinner that I was exhausted and retreated back to the apartment just in time for a group video chat with my best friends from Ibiza. I may not have been with my real family, but I had the most incredible Thanksgiving in New York with the closest thing to them!! I can’t wait for next year.

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