Whether it be live events, football matches, clubs or even just a little sight seeing – Here are my homelife social escapades!

I’m back

& keeping a low profile, freelancing in London on the search for a New York contract. I’m immersing myself into every celeb fad, diet and all the bad gossip. Watching awful films and catching up on all the well reviewed entertainment that we’ve been graced with at the start of 2014. 

Shard & Burger and Lobster

Gearing up to leave London for another couple of months, Jonelle and I wanted to cement our end of Jan Philadelphia plans somewhere classy, sophisticated and ‘London’. We decided to meet for drinks at The Shard in the bar on the 31st floor ‘Aqua Shard’ and then go onto dinner at ‘Burger & Lobster’. The Shard was a great meeting point as it’s just 1 escalator down from the platform…